Sunday, 8 January 2012

The lovely Bouncy Bounty ladies

Just a very quick shout out to the lovely ladies I met on the bounty web site. 

If you didn't know what Bounty is (and no its not the chocolate bar or the kitchen roll) Its a company that sends sample packs out to all pregnant women. 

Now i don't actually agree with the freebie packs..Yes i know they are free, but they are normally filled with things I just don't use...'Sposies, Pamphlets, lots of other disposable items that, in my honest opinion, are pretty rubbish.

But on to the subject of the lovely ladies...

The bounty website itself is mainly a forum, with different places on it relating to what you want to talk about. 
As i was Due in may...i logically went straight to the 'due in may' forum, where i found some lovely ladies willing to chat and give advice and support etc. These ladies have saved me many a panicked phone call to the midwife, and have always cheered me up when i was feeling a little blue. You may remember me saying i hadn't had the easiest pregnancy, well these ladies always had kind words and made things feel that bit better. I also felt that i wasn't alone in struggling along like i did.

However, after our babies had been born, we had to vacate the premises so to speak, to make way for the next set of parents to be..
We graduated on to then next set of forums on bounty, 0-3 months..but i soon stopped using it....
Then i was added to the facebook group, and after a few minor hic-ups, we have become a very close knit group.

They are always so supportive and happy to chat. We can compare and coo over each others gorgeous babas, and overall its just a very pleasant environment to be in. 

so this is just a very soppy quick post to say thank you mean a lot to me

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