Sunday, 8 January 2012

My adventures as a cloth bum mum

So, i never set out to use cloth nappies. I thought about it, but it seemed soooo  expensive....and very confusing.

I'd mentioned to my family that it might be nice to use them, but i was quite happy using sposies (disposable nappies) and they didn't seem 'that' expensive after all.

How wrong could I have been! As soon as Jessica was out of the newborn nappies, the real cost hit me. At £6 or more for a pack that would only last a week at the most..the cost was mounting up and I was constantly searching for special deals and bargains. Then my lovely mother in law Jan picked me up my first pack of reusable nappies. It was a pack of small sized bambino mio's in a set that contained some strange looking cloth sheets, some waterproof panties and paper liners. I looked at them in despair 'what do i do with these?' i wailed at my equally perplexed husband.

Project Google! i looked, i saw, and i gave it ago. after a bit of trial and error, and a bit of working out how to store/wash them, we were on our way and we've not looked back.

Jessica looked so cute in her patterned nappies and they certainly made a talking point with whoever saw her nappy.
But then i ran into a spot of shop apart for Tesco sold cloth nappies! i searched across Leeds, trying to find SOMEone who would stock any size larger than a small and someone who sold the precious Bambino mio nappies that i had grown to love. So i tried a Tots Bots easy fit from Tesco, and while it looked everso neverso pretty..all covered in little cherries..I could not get on with it. Jessica was still so small and she looked swamped in it. And it took sooooooo long to dry. I was used to my funny looking sheets of cloth that i folded up and washed and that dried so quickly.

sadly i put it away in the drawer and had a think...

I would have to face my fear and go on line shopping...

I'm not sure where this fear of on line shopping came from..but i was dreading it....with sweating palms and a heavy heart, i opened the browser and had a look.

OH MY WORD! there was a world of nappies out there that i had no idea about....i panicked and hastily closed the computer down.
what was i going to do? it all looked so confusing.

Fortunately Facebook came to the rescue. with trepidation and fear, i had a nosey round to see what i could find, and LO and BEHOLD!!!!! Cloth bum mums!

This facebook group opened up and made clear a world that had been so confusing to me. All of a sudden, i had access to a wealth of information and support.

* How to care for your have to care for them? eh? turns out that i had been doing it alllll wrong. no wonder my once lovely nappies had gone a bit stiff and wonder they were leaking...but help was at hand.

* different types of cloth nappies...there were types? i had heard of terry towelling, and i know about Bambino mios, (i would soon learn that these are a type called prefolds), but that was it...the baffling world of cloth nappies was becoming much clearer now. I'll go in to more detail about whats available later.

* pre loved this was dangerous territory. now i was armed with the knowledge...nappies that would normally be on the pricey side became available. OK, so they had been used by another baby or two, but that does not bother me...reduce, reuse, recycle! in no time at all, i had purchased a pocket nappy and a rather nice wrap, that would go nicely over my much loved prefolds.

So, that was that. Anna and Jessica were officially a cloth bum team, Jessica modelling the gorgeous fluff and mama Anna getting to choose and buy some fabulous nappies. I cant say that it's all plain sailing, and we've certainly had our fair share of bafflement, puzzlement and poop-sposions.

Night time nappies were slightly more tricky, and it took us a while get it right.

 But i will say, that it's saved me a lot of money, Jessica rarely gets nappy rash, and they are just so gosh darn pretty!

      Just a selection of my 'stash'

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