Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Ok, the nitty gritty

So I've been hearing a lot of debates about breastfeeding vs Formula Feeding, and today there was a bit on the TV programme 'This Morning' about it. Apparently research has shown

Breastfed babies cry more and are more challenging than bottle fed babies, says a new study released today by the Medical Research Council in Cambridge. Bottle feeding was found to be akin to 'comfort eating' - producing quieter and apparently more content babies
(taken from 'this morning' facebook link)

now i didn't watch it myself, but going from this statement, i cant help but think what total and utter rubbish this is!

I'm not saying that Breastfeeding is better than Formula milk or vice versa, i would never even suggest that. Undoubtedly Breast milk is defiantly a more natural choice and it certainly helps to create a close bond between mum and baby, but sometimes Mums just cant breastfeed or physically don't want to. I myself didn't manage all that well with breastfeeding. I managed 2 weeks of exclusive breast feeding and a further week of expressing and combination feeding before i put Jessica on formula completely. I've never struggled to bond with her and it was the best choice for me.

I've seen a lot of exclusively breast fed babies that are so content and happy, and i've seen Formula fed babies that are the same... I really dont think that what you feed your baby on, makes any difference in the slightest.

We are all entitled to our own choice, and it really gets my goat when new mums are forced to feed in a way they don't want to. I've heard so many stories about babies receiving formula against parents wishes in hospital or babies being forced onto the mothers breast by well meaning midwives, and this in my opinion needs to stop!

I personally don't think that there has been the right type of research done. Have these scientists really gone into the situation of each child? ..just because a baby is a particularly unsettled child or you get a child that is very happy and content and is on breast or bottle respectively...sometimes is it not just a co-incidence?

I do however think that there needs to be better education on the subject matter of Breast feeding and formula Feeding. Its all very well saying Breast is Best and in a lot of cases, it is. But it isn't always the case, and personally i think a happy MUMMY makes a happy baby.

the BBC report on this can be found here

I'd love to hear your comments on this matter.

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  1. I quite agree with you. No account has been taken of the childs home circumstances and I am a firm believer in a happy mum = happy baby. Breast milk may be best, but to vilify those who cannot or do not want to breast feed is wrong. It is also wrong to say that formula fed babies are over fed.