Sunday, 8 January 2012

our newest adventure

I thought I'd write this very quickly while my munchkin is asleep on me. 

I'd like to introduce you to the newest phrase in the Deane household 'elimination communication'

'Elimin-eh, communi-what?' your probably asking yourselves. 
OK, let me put it in simple terms

Nappy free baby, nappy off time, pottying from an early age.

I had heard of this a few years back when the childcare company i worked for decided to pull an April Fools joke on us all and told us that we would no longer be using nappies and we would be using this method for all children. Cue complete and utter dismissal of the subject, discarding it as 'hippyish' and 'no one in their right mind would do it'. how wrong could i have been...

The subject then reared its not so ugly head only a month or so again, when someone took it upon themselves to tell me that i should be putting my little girl on the potty at every opportunity and praising everytime she does something. Now i originally hit the roof! 'how dare someone tell me i should start potty training at such a young age. I'm a nursery nurse dont'cha know...surely i know enough about toilet training right?


now although i still feel that this person was a little misinformed, and a little too forward in their approach, i do however have to apologise. In principle, its not a bad idea.

anyway, it got the wheels turning...what exactly was elimination communication.

this is from
What is Elimination Communication?
Nappy Free, or elimination communication (often referred to as EC) is a respectful, natural way to care for a baby. It can be done with or without nappies. Millions of mothers around the world deal with their babies’ toileting needs in this way. It is a skill that has been forgotten in the West since the advent of disposable nappies. Parents who EC respond to a baby’s needs as and when they occur, rather than ignoring them until nappy change time.

ok, sounds good. 

looking into it a bit deeper, its actually really simple...and very much common sense. The trick is to key in to your childs signals. This is much easier to do from birth as you are more aware of and are learning more about your childs needs/signals and personality traits..very much like working out when your baby needs to feed or be comforted. 
BUT: you can certainly do it with a babe of any age. I've heard success stories from babies of nearly 2 years old, and i myself am starting it with 8mth old Jessica
I really felt like this was something i wanted to try. After all, it cant be nice for my little one to be sat in wee wee, and its certainly not so nice to have to clean a poopy bum.

So, i gave it ago..(i brave am i!!) 
And i have to admit, i am amazed! Even after i decided to give it a go, part of me was still sceptical

I've started small, so i'm putting her on the potty when she wakes up from a nap, and at each nappy change, until i can tune into her signals

Jessica sat more than happily on the potty and straight away did a big ol' poop!, later on when it came to the next nappy my surprise, she did a wee, During the afternoon i popped her on when i though she might need it, so after a nap, 10 mins after a feed etc...i felt a bit embarrassed doing the 'cue noises' 'tss tss tss' for a wee..apparently i sound like a stuttering snake...(thanks Matthew), but i'm sure i'll get used to it.

This is only day one mind you, our success could be down to beginners luck..or it really could be Jessica telling us 'i dont want to sit in wee mama' who knows? 

Its not for everyone, and i certainly didnt think it was for us...but at the moment i think i may well be swayed. so just watch this space.

And for those of you out there thinking..

  • but what about the psychological it not damaging to coerce a baby into doing their business in a pot early? 
  • Baby's don't get control of their bladders and bowel until they are at least 18 mths
  • i'll get covered in pooooooooooo
  • its more work and i dont have time
  • etc etc etc
have a look at these sites
Diaper free baby - this one is american but it has some great tips and advice

they are great for having a look at, whether you want to have a look and try it yourself, just to see what i'm waffling on about, or just to prove that i really am a complete fruitloop, you'll be surprised at what you'll find out

and one more thing..does Jessica look distressed or damaged? 

thought not 

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