Wednesday, 18 January 2012

A quick update

Sorry sorry sorry!! I know i said on my Facebook page, that I would update on Friday...and i didn't...baaaad Anna.
I've been trying to think of some witty, lighthearted subjects to chat to you about and i've had a slight case of bloggers block...eeep :/

But anyway, i'm here now and that's the main thing eh? and I've got a lovely update on the little munchkin.

Jessica has started to crawl!!! I'm very excited as she has also started to babble away to us as well.
In typical Jessica fashion, she's put her own spin on crawling. Its more of a spider/commando/traditional mix of things. She'll get her knees (or very occasionally her feet) under her, stick her bum up in the air and push her self forward using one arm to commando crawl. It probably not the easiest way of doing things, But it works for Jess.

Jessica will also wave byebye now as well. She'll wave byebye to everything. People, toys, her reflection, her sippy cup...but not me, i just get a hand in my face when i go to give her a kiss..such is the life of a mum.

Well thats pretty much it for just now.
I PROMISE to be back soon with some more things to chat to you about.

Byebye for now

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