Wednesday, 11 January 2012

something a little more lighthearted

Ok, after the last post, i felt i needed to put something a little more lighthearted on.
My attention was drawn to this. Ok so its the sun, but i thought it was great

The Potty List aka 36 things kids must try before they are 3

This made me laugh and as a parent, i subconsciously ticked of the things that Jessica has either done or I can really see her doing in the not so distant future. And the best thing, was that TV isn't mentioned once. I'm not against TV, in fact Cbeebies is on a fair amount in our house, not that Jessica is plonked in front of it...far from it, but its nice to have something age appropriate on in the background.

so on to the list, i'm not going to list all 36 things, i'll just pick out my favourites

number 3 - Finger paint: We love messy things in this house (me and Jessica more than my poor Hubby), I'll do a separate post about out painting experiences later. Needless to say it was a lot fun, and a bath was much needed by the end

number 12 - Feed the Ducks: We are very luck where we are to have a couple of lovely parks to visit and feed the ducks and a great bird sanctuary. It makes me a little sad that some kids out there don't have the opportunity to do this Very cheap (if not free) Fun activity.

number 24 - poo in the bath: Very gross, but its already happened...a few times. I'm telling ya, your life is not complete until you've played fish for the poo!

number 26 - Ride on daddys shoulders: Jessica totally loves this. I thinks its her Favourite thing to do at the moment. Her face lights up and the giggles begin. Its priceless.

have a look at the link, its sure to put a smile on your face

What do you think all children should do before they are 3? I'd love to hear from you x


  1. On the subject of riding on Daddy's shoulders then one thing must be to wee down daddy's neck :)
    How about roll down a grassy hill, or paddle in a fountain?
    Dig worms with grandad?

    1. I like those ideas. Rolling down a grassy hill is a must :)