Saturday, 7 January 2012

The star of the show

So on to the star of the show. Miss Jessica Joan Elizabeth.

Named after some special ladies in my life. Joan for a very special Auntie who was an inspiration to me and a shining light in my life. She very sadly lost her fight to cancer a few years ago, so i decided that my 1st daughter should be named after her and each of my children would be told just how very special she was.
And Elizabeth? well, after my mum. Mum is still very much in the land of the living and helps me out a lot with my munchkin. We have always been close, but since the arrival of J.Jed (affectionately nicknamed by her uncle) we have become just that bit closer, and at times i don't think i could have done it without her.

i will introduce you to the other people in Jessica's life later.

so DUMDUMDUUUUUUM the birth story

(warning, this is probably a little boring, its quite long and men may want to skip it....its a birth story after all)

after a not so easy pregnancy i went into the early stages of labour on Thursday morning(12th may 2011). Just a few niggles here and there and nothing i couldn't cope with. By midnight the pain was terrible! Labour HURTS people! off we went thinking that baby was imminent, only to be checked and told i was only 1 cm dilated and it would be quite a while before anything happens....i wasn't in labour. 

Hmm, 'well what could it be?' we ask the midwife

'oh, just tightenings.'

Tightenings??! surely they shouldn't hurt?. Anyway, like the good little soon to be parents were are, we toddled of home to wait it out.

Friday morning: I woke up after a not so great sleep to realise...'my nails!!!'
i regularly have my acrylic nails done and it so happened that my appointment was that morning. The 'tightenings' had eased of to be replaced by a dull pain, that was coming every half hour. I bleary eyed waddled to the full length mirror to brush my hair, and realised that i had roots down to my ears! my normally lovely red hair looked horrible and marred by the natural mousy brown roots that had sneakily crept in without me realising. NOT a good thing to face a mildly vain heavily pregnant woman with. 

My dutiful husband resignedly drove a sobbing me to the salon where the team got to work. A mop and bucket stood near me on standby as the salon team passed worried looks between them every time i breathed through an increasingly painful contraction. An hour later and a much refreshed and groomed me emerged from the salon, and climbed in the car next to a much less worried hubby. 

Later that afternoon: OK, so now I KNEW I was in labour. i had a bath, had some dinner and then Off we toddled (or waddled in my case) back to the hospital and this time i was 2 cm.....'only 2?' i groaned. 

'only 2' replied the very patent midwife
'but your stretching a bit more than that and i've done a sweep'

ahh, the dreaded sweep...i didn't actually feel anything thankfully. just a bit uncomfortable...well so would you be with someones fist up your downstairs department!

'so am i in labour?' i asked in trepidation

the midwife cast a knowing glance at the other midwife on duty in the maternity assessment unit
'well, i cant say for sure. it could be hours, it could be days'

Again of we toddled/waddled home, to a comforting bath and my very handy birthing ball.

not even 2 hours later, there was no end to the pain! trying my hardest to be brave and breath through the pain, i phone my mum...'mummy, it hurts!'

godbless my mum! shes so down to earth and calmly tells me to phone the hospital once again.
this time there was no break in my contractions, as soon as one ended, the next one began. The hospital tells me once again to come in (they must have been sick and tired of me phoning them at this point) and this time i'm met at the delivery suite by my wonderful midwife Yvette who delivered my baby just over 4 hours later. 

so yet again i'm checked (fist up the downstairs department) and this time....4 cms!!! hooray!! 
'right my love, your having a baby! lets get you to a birthing room'

oh Yvette, lovely Yvette! there really are some treasures in this world and she really is one of them. the first thing she did was to run the birthing pool. 
Now i'm a firm believer in the pain relieving qualities of water, and despite being a high risk pregnancy (i might go into that later) i was allowed to use one of the leeds general infirmaries(thats right the OBEM hospital) home from home birthing rooms, complete with the glorious pool. Now i had to give birth on 'dry land' but i could spend the whole labour if i wanted in the pool. 
As soon as i got in, the relief was amazing. The contractions slowed down just enough to give me a breather in between, and i had the use of the Entenox (gas and air).

so, Entenox.....what a joy!...not. For me, it was horrible. NOT my cup of tea. so i barely used it.

at midnight, i decided i wanted to get out. I had been in nearly 4 hours and i felt like a prune. As soon as i got out though...HELLO PAIN! I reluctantly got on to the bed to be examined and in my fragile state of mind, i begged for Diamorphine 'Please' i begged Yvette

'nope. You dont seem like the kind of person who needs it. and it'll slow the labour down, i'll break your waters though, that might help a bit'

Anyway, straight after having them broken, i had the urge to push. The lovely Yvette calmly told me that nothing would happen just yet (after all, it normally takes a good hour or more to push a baby out first time round), so i should take the opportunity to go the the loo.

off i jolly well waddled, sat down and POP! (well not quite pop) there was my baby deciding to crown. 

My Hubby and Yvette dragged me over to the bed where i knelt, and within 2 pushes, gave birth to my beautiful baby girl. She came out screaming, so i picked her up and cuddled her into me. 

Baby Jessica Joan Elizabeth was born at 12.44 on the 14th may 2011. No pain relief and after a shaky start, a perfect birth......afterwards is another story. 

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