Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Weaning and Baby lead weaning

Want to see a baby covered in food?

you do? ok.

Breadsticks and hummous

 OK so Baby Lead Weaning (BLW) was again, something I never set out to do, i ended up doing a combination of both BLW and Traditional weaning. Jessica showed signs of wanting food just after 4 months old, so I started to introduce purees.
A lot of people will not agree with this, but it was the best desicion for us, and we were supported by our health visitor.

Beef in tomato sauce

After 2 months of cooking, puréeing, and freezing down foods, struggling to think of new combo's of food, and persuading Jessica that no, she really didn't want mamma's and daddy's meal. I gave in and started her on proper solid food and she LOVED it.

Enjoying a cake at a christmas party
sharing mama and daddys fish and chips

we started of slowly, just a rusk to start with, then we moved on to toast, sticks of vegetable and so on, and very soon Jessica was having the same food Matthew and i were having. She even had a full Christmas dinner complete with Yorkshire puds (her favourite) roast potatoes, roast meat and all the trimmings.

I cant honestly say if one way of weaning is better than the other as Jessica naturally progressed from one to the other seamlessly. But i will say that weaning is LOTS of fun, and the BLW is very easy to do, even if it is a bit messy at times. Be Prepared for more food on the floor, on your babies face and hands, and most likely in places that your never though food could get to.

Organix carrot sticks
christmas dinner with all the trimmings

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  1. I think that a bit of both is the best way. I BLW only with my first and it was ok but I didn't start until 6 mths, it also meant he would never take anything from me,including medicine on a spoon!

    I'm now PG again and this time round plan to do a bit of both, maybe purees from 4 mths ish and the go with the flow!