Friday, 3 February 2012

Using a baby sling

Jessica has been a little clingy of late, I think its a combination of teething, her age and the fact that she is just a real mummy's girl. I don't practise CC (controlled crying) and i don't believe in letting a baby 'cry it out'. And while Jessica and i were quite happy to sit and cuddle all day long, the housework just started to mount it does.

The only solution i could think of was to try baby wearing. Jessica could have all the cuddles she wanted and i was free to get my washing done.It was also recommended to baby wear if practising EC (see earlier post)
I decided to delve into the dreaded world of the Internet again (this thing just keeps coming to haunt me!!!!!) and again was faced with another whole new world of confuddlement. As if learning about cloth nappies wasn't confusing enough, the world of baby wearing (or using slings and wraps) was even more so. With terms and makes such as 'Mei Tai, Moby, S.P.O.C, Ringslings etc, I had no idea what i was doing. and a lot of the makes seemed very expensive for what (to me) comes across as a bit of cloth, and the different types just seemed very confusing.

After a bit of research and trawling the Internet and facebook, I found a company called Snugiwraps, Run by Stephanie Dack. 

Stephanie is a work at home mum, who set up her company Snugiwraps when she saw a place in the market for low priced high quality wraps. She sells a type of wrap that is known as a S.P.O.C - simple piece of cloth. Its essentially a large piece of cotton fabric that's 5 metres long and 20 inches wide, with tapered ends that tie easily. They come in a variety of colours and patterns and are dyed using safe reactive dyes which are considered to be child friendly and colourfast.

I ordered a stage 2 wrap in jet black. Which is suitable from a newborn baby until approximately 18 months old, and costs £17 including delivery from The package came through very quickly with excellent customer service from Stephanie.

The Package itself seemed quite small, and came with full printed instructions, which were quite easy to follow. After practising a few times with a teddy (as suggested), and looking at the video Stephanie provides on her selling pages, I started to use it with Jessica using the classic hug hold detailed in the instructions. It was a little tricky to get her in, but this became a lot easier after doing it a few times.

The Wrap itself is very easy to use, the material feels very nice and it washes nicely as well.  
The weight of Jessica (about 18lbs) was distributed nicely and she didn't feel heavy at all.

We used the wrap both indoors and out, and found it easy to tie, and to get Jessica in and out of it after a bit of practise. Jessica seemed very content and happy, even falling asleep at one point, and i felt very safe and secure using it, and i wore it very comfortably for a few hours on end.

Jessica having a little snooze while taking a quick trip to the shops

versatile - its suitable for breastfeeding, comfortable for baby to sleep in and it can be used in several different holds
Price - one of the cheapest on the market
Fabric - lovely soft fabric in a variety of colours and patterns
Baby feels snug and secure
No buckles or straps to dig in
Is suitable to fit wearers size up to a 22 (aprox)

can take a while to get used to it
can be a little tricky to tie, but Stephanie provides clear instructions
Can be a bit tricky to get baby in and out, but this gets easier with practice

Edit 06.06.13
I feel It nessisary to add, that while I recommend snugiwraps stretch wrap. I cannot endorse other products in this range. I strongly advice to research and look at other reviews etc before buying. 

You can get snugiwraps from the following places

Facebook: Stephanies very informative and friendly facebook Snugiwraps selling page
Ebay: Stephanie also has an official Ebay page
Online: visit Stephanies official page here

I received no payment or free product for this review and all all opinions are my own

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