Thursday, 19 July 2012

Our little absence

Hello loyal followers!
I'm so sorry that we havent been around, lifes a bit buisier since J turned 1 and has started to get about, so i though i'd bob on for a little update.

the biggy..J is now walking! and talking!

well, almost walking and almost talking. shes got some everso sweet words coming out out and she's very nearly got that cute toddler waddling gait going.
Anyway, shes a whole lot more work now, but shes worth every minute of it.
we've seen and tried to eat the olympic torch, been out and about, been a little visit to see J's Auntie, found some baby friendly and not so friendly cafes and shops, and lots of other fun things. But they are whole new posts.

so hopefully i'll get on to do some more blog posts soon, until then,

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